Our products characterize high quality, precision, and durability. We specialize in creating sturdy edge builds that result in thicker countertop overhangs: steel angle brackets are added between the plywood and stone layers in order to reinforce 1 ½” thick countertop profiles.

The two common types of thicknesses in North America are 2cm (3/4”) and 3cm ( 1 ¼”). Therefore the front edge of your counter tops can be any thickness you desire. Please note that you need to consider the height of your cabinets so that the total height would be not too low or too high. The standard height of cabinets with counters installed is usually 36”.

Patra Stone Works provides a large selection of edge profiles – we are glad to review your ideas for creating a custom edge for your countertop.

our samples

Full Bullnose – 3cm

Half Round – 3cm

Ogee – 3cm

Square – 3cm

Top Bevel – 3cm

Miter Edge

Half Round – Radius 1/2″

Full Bullnose – Radius 1/2″

Double Ogee

Top Bevel

Triple Ogee

Double Square – Radius 1/8″

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